Student Academic Services Assistant

Title Job Code Description

Student Academic Services Assistant I

Wage Scale: $14.20-15.95


Provide assistance to teaching staff. May be responsible for proctoring exams, grading exams with key and distributing handouts. Some previous coursework may be required. Good communication skills essential.

Student Academic Services Assistant II

Wage Scale: $14.45-17.25


Assist teaching staff with demonstrations, developing/finalizing homework assignments, tutoring, grading tests and assistance with lab sessions. Assist with operation/maintenance of laboratory and facilities. May supervise other students. Previous coursework or experience required.

Student Academic Services Assistant III

Wage Scale: $15.05-18.80


Provide technical and other supportive assistance to teaching staff. Ability to work with a variety of people. Good communication and organizational skills necessary. Must be able to collect and summarize technical data. Must be able to assist with course syllabus preparation, instruction of students during class and advising of students. Undergraduate degree with specific coursework in area of project/teaching required. Graduate education in the field may be necessary.

Student Academic Services Assistant IV

Wage Scale: $16.20-23.95


Lead instructional sessions under general guidance of teaching staff. Operate remote video and audio equipment. Videotape university seminar. Duties may include course preparation and planning of sessions, editing master tapes, providing emergency repairs to equipment, and securing all video equipment at conclusion of seminars. Involves considerable independent work, decision-making and familiarity with video techniques.



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