Student Administrative Assistant

Title Job Code Description

Student Administrative Assistant I

Wage Scale: $14.20-15.95


Assist with basic administrative functions of an office. Must have good communication and organizational skills. Ability to work with various publics necessary. May be required to assist with special projects, basic bookkeeping, preparation of publications and/or newsletters, preparation of fund raising events and researching/writing articles for publication.

Student Administrative Assistant II

Wage Scale: $14.45-17.25


Assist with administrative functions of an office. Previous relevant work experience required. Assist with special projects, do research, keep accurate records, handle money, act as receptionists, prepare budget records, plan departmental activities, preparation of publication materials, maintain accounting records. Good communication, organizational and supervisory skills necessary. Must be able to work with a variety of people and meet deadlines.

Student Administrative Assistant III

Wage Scale: $15.05-18.80


Oversee total operation of an entire unit. Knowledge of all equipment related to unit. Ability to work with minimum supervision and make independent decisions. Duties may include preparing payroll, budge analysis, write/edit articles for campus wide distribution, translation of language(s), orientation and training of student employees, special projects as assigned.

Student Administrative Assistant IV

Wage Scale: $16.20-23.95


Serves in an internship capacity for a department. Oversees, coordinates, monitors and/or develops programs for a unit or department. May involve special projects requiring independent decision-making, advanced coursework/degree and/or the ability to work without supervision. Knowledge of technical, complex subject areas may be required. Duties might include counseling, analysis of data, editing manuscripts for publication, preparing material for dissemination to Cornell's internal and/or external publics, knowledge of budgeting and accounting procedures. Extensive use of personal computers may be involved.



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