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Student Art/Entertainment Assistant

Title Job Code Description

Student Art/Entertainment Assistant I

Wage Scale: $13.20-14.95


Good organizational ability and willingness to pay attention to detail essential. Mechanical aptitude for audiovisual equipment may be required. Must be able to work with various publics. Assist with special projects or research as needed.

Student Art/Entertainment Assistant II

Wage Scale: $13.45-16.25


Previous relevant work experience or demonstrated expertise in specific area required. Ability to create and develop a marketing campaign. May require submission of an art portfolio, graphic arts background or architectural drafting experience.

Student Art/Entertainment Assistant III

Wage Scale: $14.05-17.80


Extensive knowledge and expertise in specific areas. May be required to supervise other university employees. Creative abilities and willingness to work with deadlines necessary.

Student Art/Entertainment Assistant IV

Wage Scale: $15.20-22.95


Accomplished musical skills and ability to perform, perceive, choose and/or compose appropriate music. Ability to play wide variety of musical styles. Duties in this category may also include modeling for studio/drawing classes. Previous experience preferred.



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