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Student Athletic Service Assistant

Title Job Code Description

Student Athletic Service Assistant I

Wage Scale: $13.20-14.95


Responsible for general supervision and/or activities at specific athletic activities. Position may require basic first aid knowledge including CPR. Knowledge of specific equipment or sports terminology may be necessary.

Student Athletic Service Assistant II

Wage Scale: $13.45-16.25


Responsible for specific athletic event/area. Enforce departmental rules and regulations. May require knowledge of basic first aid to include CPR and/or Water Safety Instructor certification. Ability to experience with possible supervisory responsibilities.

Student Athletic Service Assistant III

Wage Scale: $14.05-17.80


Previous experience in specific athletic area required. Ability to make decisions, supervise student employees and work with large populations necessary. Must know basic first aid and CPR.

Student Athletic Service Assistant IV

Wage Scale: $15.20-22.95


Assist in all drills and scrimmages. Responsible for coverage of home/away contest for one intercollegiate team during one, two, and/or three of the seasons as assigned by the supervisor of student trainers. Duties may include counseling and/or instruction of various athletic classes. Documentation of all injuries and the treatment given. Must be required to supervise in the dorms and/or at night activities.



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