Student Computer Assistant

Title Job Code Description

Student Computer Assistant I

Wage Scale: $14.45-17.25


Operate and maintain computer equipment. Ability to write and test entry-level computer programs. Train and support staff and/or students in the use of software and hardware. Maintain and update manuals. Ability to establish and/or customize systems according to specific needs of an office. Coursework and experience in major programming languages and corresponding software and hardware equipment.

Student Computer Assistant II

Wage Scale: $15.05-18.80


Ability to write and test computer programs. Two years troubleshooting experience and extensive knowledge of current state-of-the-art equipment. Demonstrated ability to communicate effectively with students/staff/faculty as needed concerning systems and programs.

Student Computer Assistant III

Wage Scale: $16.20-23.95


Offers specialized computer support that requires highly complex computer knowledge and skills. Duties may include programming, analysis work and/or system development. Typically acts as a consultant to departmental staff/faculty.



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