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Student Food/Hospitality Assistant

Title Job Code Description

Student Food/Hospitality Assistant I

Wage Scale: $13.20-14.95


Assist in preparation of food set-up, service and clean-up in dining facilities. Good public relations skills necessary. Must meet minimum age requirement for alcoholic beverage sales

Student Food/Hospitality Assistant II

Wage Scale: $13.45-16.25


Provide courteous, professional service to guests/patrons. Assist in preparation of food set-up, service and clean-up in dining facilities. Assist with training of new employees. Supervise banquets and other large-scale functions. Supervise other student cooks in preparation and service of hot foods for large-scale food service operations. Knowledge of complex machinery or lab equipment.

Student Food/Hospitality Assistant III

Wage Scale: $14.05-17.80


Conduct analysis including computer use of data for research. Ability to work independently. Experience in animal slaughter, meat processing and sanitation may be required.

Student Food/Hospitality Assistant IV

Wage Scale: $15.20-22.95


Responsible for specific area and all functions involved within that area. Excellent communication and organizational skills required along with the ability to work effectively with a variety of publics. Extensive experience required along with advanced coursework or degree in field. Must be able to supervise a variety of people.



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