Student Library Assistant


Job Code


Student Library Assistant I

Wage Scale: $14.20-15.95


Assist staff with daily, routine library operations. Duties may include library searches, general office work, data entry, assisting patrons, book repairs, and maintaining statistics. Good manual dexterity necessary for specified tasks.

Student Library Assistant II

Wage Scale: $14.45-17.25


Perform complex library tasks with minimal supervision. Ability to work effectively with the public. May oversee operation of library unit in absence of regular staff member(s). May supervise other students. Requires ability to make independent decisions.

Student Library Assistant III

Wage Scale: $15.05-18.80


Performs selection and pre-cataloging tasks within one or more specific languages. Duties may include complex searching/selection of materials, filing and maintenance of catalog files, assisting users with reference requests, letter writing, exchange correspondence, training of other library assistants, special projects and use of computerized systems. Familiarity with background and culture of specific countries is required. Must be able to read, write, and speak the languages. Experience in library bibliographic applications and work processing required. Previous experience in specific country and doctoral candidate status preferred.

Student Library Assistant IV

Wage Scale: $16.20-23.95


Performs complex selection and precataloging tasks within a specific library collection indigenous to a specific language. Duties include search/selecting materials in specific language(s), filing and maintenance of catalogs, reference assistance, letter writing/exchange correspondence, training of library assistants, use/input concerning design of computerized systems for bibliographic control, and special projects. Must be familiar with background and culture of specific country. Ability to write and speak in one or more languages related to the collection. Ability to use computer systems and work processing necessary. Previous experience as Student Library Asst. III in specific collection, with solving bibliographic problems and collection development experience required. Previous experience in country of specialization and doctoral candidate status preferred.



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