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Student Research/Field/Lab Assistant

Title Job Code Description

Student Research/Field/Lab Assistant I

Wage Scale: $13.20-14.95


Perform routine tasks in a research environment. Assist staff in laboratory or fieldwork. Dispense supplies to laboratories, clean glassware, maintain inventory, perform assays, set up and conduct experiences. Relevant coursework as well as knowledge of lab equipment and procedures may be required.

Student Research/Field/Lab Assistant II

Wage Scale: $13.45-16.25


Assist in performing assigned laboratory tasks without constant supervision. May act as lead person in absence of supervisor. Must be able to organize work, collect and analyze data, make calculations, prepare reports, keep records, and make independent decisions. Ability to complete assigned special projects with minimal supervision. Requires previous, related coursework and knowledge of equipment used in labs.

Student Research/Field/Lab Assistant III

Wage Scale: $14.05-17.80


Assist professors in development and implementation of experiments. Perform complex laboratory tasks with minimal supervision. Responsible for care of research animals/plants in one or more of the department's buildings during weekends and vacations. Advanced or upper level coursework along with extensive knowledge of lab equipment and procedures are required.

Student Research/Field/Lab Assistant IV

Wage Scale: $15.20-22.95


Performs complex laboratory and diagnostic tests with minimal supervision. Maintains records associated with diagnostic/lab tests. Determines proper tests for research work. Conducts library searches for information related to research problems. May assist and direct clients and/or staff who require the services of the lab. Supervises maintenance of the facility and other laboratory assistant. Extensive and comprehensive knowledge of related course material. Experience with diagnostic and laboratory procedures/equipment required.


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