Student Services/Community Assistant

Title Job Code Description

Student Services/Community Assistant I

Wage Scale: $14.20-15.95


Provide supportive services to students. Assist with implementation of activities relating to a specific program or department. Ability to deal effectively with various publics and ensure compliance of university regulations/policies. Good communication and organizational skills are necessary. Valid driver's license may be required.

Student Services/Community Assistant II

Wage Scale: $14.45-17.25


Provide support to areas primarily targeting student services. Act as reference source for questions/concerns relating to student activities or the Cornell community. Assist with training sessions to promote living, working, and learning environments that are physically and environmentally safe. May supervise other students, develop educational/informational materials, ensure building security, maintain equipment, and conduct walking tours. Good written and oral communication skills are required.

Student Services/Community Assistant III

Wage Scale: $15.05-18.80


Responsible for specific area that provides supportive service(s) to students and/or Cornell/Ithaca community. Must interact well with various populations and have the ability to meet deadlines. Excellent communication and organizational skills required. Experience with computer word processing necessary.

Student Services/Community Assistant IV

Wage Scale: $16.20-23.95


Provides legal, medical, or management assistance under general supervision of university staff member. Extensive training, experience, expertise, and advanced coursework in specific field are required. Ensure compliance of university regulations/policies. Degree in field may be required.



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