Federal Work Study Jobs and Programs

The information below can provide further details to help you better understand the types of Federal Work Study (FWS) jobs and programs.

Are Jobs Assigned?

  • Cornell does not assign jobs. You conduct your own job search using multiple resources and apply to jobs that best fit your interests, skills, and schedule.
  • Always mention your FWS eligibility when applying for jobs.

When Can FWS Be Used?

  • FWS can be used for academic year jobs and for summer jobs or paid internships.
  • Based on your specific financial aid package, you may have FWS eligibility for only one term (fall or spring).
  • Academic Year FWS eligibility can be used during winter break for on-campus jobs or with pre-approved off-campus employers. {Application deadline for winter off-campus employer is December 1st.}
  • FWS may be awarded during the summer if you are enrolled in summer classes and have a summer financial aid package.

Where Can FWS Be Used?

  • All Cornell departments can hire FWS-eligible students.
  • Most local non-profit agencies hire Cornell FWS-eligible students through the Community Work Study Program monitored by the David M. Einhorn Center for Community Engagement for academic year and summer jobs.

Job Restrictions

  • The job cannot be affiliated with religious organizations or with lobbying.
  • Work must be done in the continental United States.
  • You cannot work with the U.S. Department of Education.
  • You cannot work for yourself, nor for a business owned by your family.

Special FWS Programs

Community Work Study Program - Through this program, the David M. Einhorn Center for Community Engagement offers a wide range of opportunities to work with Ithaca and Tompkins County area non-profit organizations, schools, and municipalities. You are paid directly by Cornell, and the employer is billed for its share of your wages.