Student Rights and Responsibilities

Your responsibilities as a student employee include:

  • Completing the federally required I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification Form after you have been hired into Workday.
  • Reporting to work on time and completing your scheduled shift.
  • Working your schedule as agreed upon when hired, which may include working the days surrounding or during study and exam weeks, fall and spring breaks, and university holidays/vacations.
  • Asking permission (in a timely manner) from your supervisor for planned or unexpected absences. Tardiness and unexcused or excessive absences are grounds for disciplinary action or dismissal from the job.
  • Following department rules concerning appropriate dress, use of office equipment and supplies, use of phones and computers, etc.
  • Completing job duties as assigned and requested, and not conducting personal business (homework, email, texting, phone calls, web use, etc.) unless first approved by your supervisor.
  • Enter your hours worked on a daily basis, using Workday Time Tracking.
  • Submitting your time weekly, and confirming your supervisor's approval, prior to the bi-weekly payroll deadline.
  • Signing up for Direct Deposit. If you don’t have Direct Deposit, your check is mailed to your local Ithaca address.
  • Treating your co-workers and supervisors with respect and consideration.

Student employees at Cornell have the right to:

  • Be appointed to the payroll in a timely manner once all paperwork is completed and submitted to the appropriate areas.
  • Be paid bi-weekly, provided you complete and submit your timecard by the payroll deadline.
  • Receive a copy of the generic job description for your position and know your hourly pay rate.
  • Receive a copy of departmental and supervisor expectations.
  • A written work schedule that includes requirements (if any) for working during breaks, vacations, holidays, and exam/study weeks.
  • Be informed about your work performance verbally and in writing.
  • An explanation if you are terminated.
  • Utilize staff in the Office of Financial Aid and Student Employment, and the Ombudsman's Office for assistance with resolving work-related problems.
  • Training and information about job-related health and safety issues.
  • Use your Cornell jobs as references for future employment and with credit institutions.
  • Be treated fairly and equitably by your supervisor(s).

Questions about student employment policies should be directed to your supervisor or to staff in the Office of Financial Aid and Student Employment, 203 Day Hall, Cornell University, 607.255.5145, or

Finally, keep in mind that Cornell University is an "at will" employer and, as such, has the right to terminate any employee with or without cause at any time; this includes student employees and staff.