Student Wage Scale

The Student Wage Scale has been updated to reflect the 2024 New York State minimum wage. If you have any questions, please contact Student Employment.

Classification Level* Minimum Hiring Wage Maximum Hiring Wage
I $15.00 $16.75
II $15.25 $18.05
III $15.85 $19.60
IV $17.00 $24.75
Please Note: The New York State minimum wage rate is expected to rise again, effective each December 31.  The Cornell Student Wage Scale will increase accordingly, for each level, to remain consistent with the NYS minimum wage increase.  Annual increases will be published by the Commissioner of Labor on or before October 1.  More information regarding the Cornell Student Wage Scale for each upcoming year should be available around that time.
*Exception: Student Computer Assistant positions do not follow the above wage scale based on classification level.  A Level I position follows a Level II hiring rate of pay, a Level II position follows the Level III rate of pay, and a Level III position follows the Level IV rate of pay.